Extauri Risks

Updated at: 29/07/2022

ICO Review


ICO Time
Symbol TAURI
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC20
Available for sale 1,365,000,000 TAURI (65%)
Total Supply
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Extauri Financial

ICO Price 1 TAURI = 0.03 EUR
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Soft Cap 12,500,000 EUR
Hard Cap

Extauri Security Score

Social Sentiment
Analyzing social growth, geo-graph and wider sentiment variables
Public Assets
Audit the integrity posture of the project's public assets like websites
Market Volatility
Measuring over assets’ financial factors and market metrics
Founding Team
Analyze the project's founding team, their background, experience and integrity
Code Analysis
Smart Contract's source-code scannings with vulnerabilities analysis tool suites

Extauri Video

Extauri Code Analysis

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Public Assets


Reputation 98.11%
Domain Registered By united domains AG
Domain Contact Email abuse@united-domains.de
Domain Country Unknown
Domain Registeration Date 2018-07-07T14:28:05Z
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