Crypto Idolz Review

Updated at: 04/01/2022

NFT Review

Crypto Idolz

Assets 527
Owners 234
Owner Assets 44.4%
Blockchain Solana

Crypto Idolz Financial

Market Cap 1209. SOL
Net Worth 39233 SOL
Floor Price 0.7 SOL
Hard Cap

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Crypto Idolz Security Score

Social Sentiment
Analyzing social growth, geo-graph and wider sentiment variables
Public Assets
Audit the integrity posture of the project's public assets like websites
Market Volatility
Measuring over assets’ financial factors and market metrics
Founding Team
Analyze the project's founding team, their background, experience and integrity
Code Analysis
Smart Contract's source-code scannings with vulnerabilities analysis tool suites


Average Price 2.295 (62.14%)
Volume 459.1 (44.12%)
Sales 200 (-11.1%)

30 Days

Average Price 2.615 SOL (83.45%)
Volume 47.08 SOL (57.24%)
Sales 18 (-14.2%)

Public Assets

Reputation %
IP Address
IP Location

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