DAO Invest Score

Updated at: 04/01/2022

ICO Review

DAO Invest

Symbol VEST
Platform Ethereum
Token Type
Total Supply 3955853335
White Paper Read

DAO Invest Financial

Token Price 0.029609359385290274 USD
Holders Count 993
Volume 61,620 USD

DAO Invest Security Score

Social Sentiment
Analyzing social growth, geo-graph and wider sentiment variables
Public Assets
Audit the integrity posture of the project's public assets like websites
Market Volatility
Measuring over assets’ financial factors and market metrics
Founding Team
Analyze the project's founding team, their background, experience and integrity
Code Analysis
Smart Contract's source-code scannings with vulnerabilities analysis tool suites

DAO Invest Code Analysis

Address 0x1f19f83fC9a25F3C861260143E36c17706257986
Status Verified
Source Review

Public Assets


Reputation %
Domain Registered By 1&1 IONOS SE
Domain Contact Email abuse@ionos.com
Domain Country UNITED STATES
Domain Registeration Date 2021-07-15T19:03:57Z
IP Address
IP Location

Top Token Holders

0x018803a7209cdd37c23c8c85f8e580d3c149b1af 92,500,869,677,343,560,000,000,000,000 VEST 92.5%
0x8f3ac71fd54ad20e2344242deda9a281cf178dcb 3,543,276,987,092,874,000,000,000,000 VEST 3.54%
0xaeb362fae94c40af787167521d4539d7310d0c20 379,244,374,109,488,200,000,000,000 VEST 0.38%
0xc6b5e9e46e89071da8c9229e419e5c6618320c19 357,987,474,029,837,700,000,000,000 VEST 0.36%
0xb275672718229eb52fc6d4ed99cc5a052049949e 354,987,432,093,847,000,000,000,000 VEST 0.35%
0x362c67ae1366ea51c3959de7541bc260a25f01b9 342,987,273,982,774,400,000,000,000 VEST 0.34%
0x4aa91cd48197cb13932b2b063f93152b5d6b7d4b 341,839,750,967,955,200,000,000,000 VEST 0.34%
0xc93f6af7894669801713d5a6620213b18c49aa1f 333,987,234,029,873,700,000,000,000 VEST 0.33%
0x7e1c8e0bf39cffce222899e77cc7095ef08b7d1e 324,888,723,009,827,300,000,000,000 VEST 0.32%
0x4b1e1b244037e9fdf5deacd444d4d16c1e0734bb 277,387,943,938,904,800,000,000,000 VEST 0.28%