Saint Inu Score

Updated at: 04/01/2022

ICO Review

Saint Inu

Symbol SAINT
Platform Ethereum
Token Type
Total Supply
White Paper

Saint Inu Financial

Token Price 0.000004306612816621067 USD
Holders Count 2,110
Volume 36,515 USD

Saint Inu Security Score

Social Sentiment
Analyzing social growth, geo-graph and wider sentiment variables
Public Assets
Audit the integrity posture of the project's public assets like websites
Market Volatility
Measuring over assets’ financial factors and market metrics
Founding Team
Analyze the project's founding team, their background, experience and integrity
Code Analysis
Smart Contract's source-code scannings with vulnerabilities analysis tool suites

Saint Inu Code Analysis

Address 0x6fc5af63990aa9e5c5543f5cd8ed148bfa6d9d19
Status Verified
Source Review

Public Assets

Reputation %
Domain Registered By NAMECHEAP INC
Domain Contact Email
Domain Country Unknown
Domain Registeration Date 2021-10-30T17:26:39Z
IP Address
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Top Token Holders

0xd081dce9172a8670926e36cc3bde9cee36e4f8bb 60,002,596,546,330,804,000 SAINT 6%
0xee96cb9c2b8a96edcd098df671d9c678e324876a 55,447,600,935,307,040,000 SAINT 5.54%
0x62c4ee3905acb37106dfa2175226affa6ddf3032 17,014,405,656,644,272,000 SAINT 1.7%
0x89fcced763a2e934a497fc73d76eec3652999a40 15,708,179,249,574,502,000 SAINT 1.57%
0x72db1cdd7b70d19e362fc8284a4be95a23063948 14,027,178,357,080,630,000 SAINT 1.4%
0x5a9ef14b49a991082ac388f071db5a7e9af2d7ea 12,691,155,345,189,704,000 SAINT 1.27%
0x074302320af58243ad0ad8cbf51fcfec2029ba5a 12,164,779,607,285,264,000 SAINT 1.22%
0xdeea5716195dc505791516762b94fc5a05e859ab 11,543,904,155,905,219,000 SAINT 1.15%
0xdf4d4aab5f657e919892d1ff9b2f7294a359813c 11,350,872,600,226,712,000 SAINT 1.14%
0x7f5dc325d7466ff47fdf7773f0026c74db64fccf 11,296,190,353,628,275,000 SAINT 1.13%